Magellan is our proprietary data product that analyses hundreds of unstructured data points, identifying influential topics, trends, conversations, people, brands, and publishers across multiple touchpoints. 

It is one of the ways we can find new and actionable data driven ways in to help solve for a variety of brand and marketing challenges, be they in-market today or future innovation focussed. 

Rather than relying on limited data sources, we triangulate our data by first identifying the available sources of information across touchpoints including search, social influence and custom sources. These custom sources are especially important when data isn’t available in specific platforms, adding in additional first party data or survey data or new data sources such as web 3.0 and leveraging generative artificial intelligence when relevant. 



We are then better able to identify and quantify the most important and influential topics and trends that are relevant to your brand challenge in the most robust way. Isolating the most influential conversations and identifying the most influential sources whilst decluttering the noise.

And finally the most important step, combining our very human data expertise, brand and category knowledge, we distil the information to further the discovery of new insights and audience behaviours. Building a relative and robust actionable data narrative specific to the brief objectives.

We have already helped multiple brands achieve breakthrough insights and positive impact including; identifying relevant trends, consumer beliefs to de-stigmatise, new audiences to go after, new ways to express brand campaigns that better connect, with more relevant influencers/creator partnerships and innovation ideas for new product development. 

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