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We bring all the power and energy of Publicis Groupe into one place to create new ideas that deliver a positive impact.


Creating big, popular, universally appealing ideas that drive our brands to be successful.

We are a diverse team of writers, artists, animators (and dreamers) making work that drives commerce, and creates a positive impact in every home. We are committed to creating stories and experiences that are connected to culture with deep, authentic understanding of our audiences; because that’s what it takes to keep the world’s most well-known and loved brands constantly meaningful and relevant in consumers’ lives. 


Right place, right time, right conversation… 

…that’s how we help brands stay relevant. Creating talkability by driving - or joining - conversations that engage target audiences. How? By combining data-driven insights with deep personal experience, media and influencer relationships, and out-of-the-box creative thinking.  The result is ongoing, timely or unexpected activations, that not only excite people, but turn them into brand advocates. We understand how and when events can play a role in driving business objectives. Then plan meticulously, find real-time solutions when necessary, and pivot when required!


Business growth - we know where to look. 

With a media landscape changing at warp speed, we help brands quickly locate new growth opportunities. As well as engage with existing customers more efficiently and profitably. From data scientists to champion negotiators, our team deploys a range of skills to achieve your business objectives. We’re nimble in the face of change, using real-time data and insights to unlock value, and remaining alert to new consumer behaviours. For innovative solutions you can rely on to deliver business growth, wherever it’s hidden.


Every purchase a ‘best-in-class’ experience.

Imagine a consumer’s mind at the point of purchase… we’re there, watching and listening, gathering insights, and creating bespoke solutions for our brands across all retailers and platforms. Our aim is a superlative commerce experience, seamlessly delivered, through highly engaging & effective communications, both instore and online. 
Commerce experts work closely with our brands to analyse shoppers’ needs, mindsets and motivations, at multiple touchpoints. Influencing behaviour along the journey to purchase, and making positive impacts on sales.


Positive impact: scaling up starts here.

We want to understand consumers better than they understand themselves and if the pathway to the answer doesn’t exist we create it. Leveraging best in class technology and power of one solutions to connect the dots faster, whilst increasing harmonisation and the effectiveness between teams to have positive impact at scale.



Where to next with Iconic?

Our tribe of visual thinkers get to play with some of the most iconic brands in the world. Our mission - to build on and enhance those famous design properties, and bring new, relevant and stunning solutions to the table. We stamp our passion on the entire design process, from conceptualising and ideation through to execution and final delivery. Our craft results in a visual language that stimulates and engages, makes eyes pop, and elevates our brands to be No.1 choice.


Making things happen, happens here.

We love to be entrusted with that final, magic moment of the creative process … bringing it to life. What a privilege. From the highest-profile TVCs around the world, to a one-off Social post. From our animated Fairy Liquid baby, to Head & Shoulders’ global football stars. On time, in budget, with a smile (usually). Call us problem-solvers, call us the people who know the right people, across 4 continents. Call us PG One Production.


Here-and-now strategy, to long-term brand management.

Direction-finding, by diving deep into the lives of those we’re looking to connect with. That’s what gets us buzzing. Fed and nourished by research and data, our strategists are zealous about staying culturally connected and spending time with people. Understanding how they see the world and what motivates them. Because insightful strategies lead to ideas that make a positive impact, and keep household brands at the peak of their game over decades.


PG One is designed to deliver cross-capability teams through our ‘Power of One’ model. An industry leading approach based on ‘Interdependence’, which means we can seamlessly tap into best-in-class talent and transformational solutions from around the world to help our clients achieve their boldest ambitions, some of which we have featured here:


New trends are cycling at a faster rate than ever, which is why we developed Magellan our proprietary data product that analyses hundreds of unstructured data points, identifying influential topics, trends, conversations, people, brands, and publishers across multiple touchpoints.



The walls around the biggest consumer platforms are only getting higher. Which is why it is important to build your own source of Truth, with first party data. Epsilons award-winning and industry leading data and technology is rooted in privacy by design and underpinned by powerful AI with the ability to reach over 200 million unique IDs.



As the digital world evolves to become more immersive and in-person we have created a dynamic workshop approach that can help accelerate the evolution of your brand experience in web 2.0 or web 3.0 environments. Working together with world class talent and verified partners to create and activate next generation and high attention experiences and assets that can be quickly prototyped and tested.