Viva Tech Paris 2023

Vivatech 2023: The Dawning of AI's Golden Age

Welcome to a world where AI isn't merely a concept—it's a lifestyle. Robots predict our desires, anticipate our needs, and manage our lives with astonishing precision. This futuristic vision wasn't found in a sci-fi novel—it was the immersive reality at Viva Tech 2023, Europe's prestigious tech carnival. Imagine a bustling throng of 150,000 tech luminaries, start-up geniuses, and enterprising clients, flocking together, all united by a thirst to decode the awe-inspiring potential of AI to revolutionise our existence.

When AI stepped onto the dazzling stage at Viva Tech, it didn't just command attention—it stole the show. In a span of six years, this new technology has defied expectations, with investments skyrocketing by 40x. Propelled by the windfall of this tech explosion, we're on the precipice of a renaissance. Alongside cloud computing, AI could catapult the global economy, unlocking an astronomical 2.8 to 4.4 trillion euros in value.

Yet, this exhilarating wave of disruption has left a profound ripple effect, not just electrifying discussions on workforce and commerce, but sparking dialogues on ESG, business ethics, and a new definition of responsible marketing. Alongside the thrill of AI's power, however, there's a shadow of concern.

The Double-Edged Sword: A Catalyst for Monumental Change

While acting as a turbocharger for growth, AI threatens to upend the status quo of our workplaces - businesses either adapt with agility or perish. McKinsey's eye-opening survey paints a stark reality: a jaw-dropping 70% of the global workforce could see their job activities automated in the realms of marketing, sales, software engineering, customer operations, and product R&D.

But even as the AI tsunami threatens to wipe out certain job roles, it simultaneously breathes life into new ones. Bob Moritz, PwC's Global Chairman, captures the essence of the situation; 'Successful transformation lies in the re-design of work.' The boom won't only incubate roles in AI research and development, but it will spawn a myriad of new opportunities in its wake. As Publicis Sapient's Simon James confidently declares, ‘ICT skills will be in greater demand than ever before.’

AI for Good: Walking the Ethical Tightrope

AI's reach extends beyond mere business growth or workforce productivity. It holds a beacon of hope to improve society itself. Yet, as Elon Musk and Larry Summers emphasize, this potent force demands robust regulation. Businesses must be the vanguards of ethical conduct, leading the way as we balance the scales between AI's boundless potential and its ethical quandaries.

Simon James champions for businesses to wield the ethical mantle, proposing a code of ethics and the institution of Chief AI Ethics Officers. As PayPal's CEO, Dan Schulman, underscores, ‘Abdicating responsibility is not an option.’

The Future is Now: Embrace the Revolution

At PG One, we don't just respect the force of AI—we harness it. Over the past decade, we've channelled AI's might to drive cutting-edge solutions for our clients, spanning digital content and media to data and technology solutions. Now, we're venturing beyond the horizon.

We're excited to unveil PublicisGPT, our AI powerhouse that marries human ingenuity with advanced generative AI tools. But we're not stopping there. We're pioneering standards in content authenticity and transparency as the first ad holding company to join the Steering Committee of the Coalition of Content Provenance Authenticity (C2PA).

Viva Tech 2023 was more than an event—it was a call to action. With great power comes great responsibility, and AI's transformative potential is nothing short of extraordinary. The task ahead of us all is to ensure this potent force is harnessed to create a positive impact. We're thrilled to embark on this journey, cognizant that every individual has a crucial role to play in shaping this AI-fuelled future.

By John Kinder - Innovation director PG One